Burnout Identification & Prevention Workshop

Today’s “always-on” culture can quickly deplete your staff’s energy resources, leading to burnout among even your top-performing employees.

Burnout Identification & Prevention Workshop

Helping Great Leaders Accomplish Even More

“Working in the human services sector, our attendees need to be at their best to take care of others. That means working sustainably and avoiding burnout. Janet’s presentation was just what we needed—accessible, engaging, and informative with a personal touch that can only come from understanding the topic emotionally as well as professionally. She is the messenger this topic requires, and she delivers the content with heart. Highly recommended!”

Erich Hiner, Ohio Association of County Boards of Developmental Disabilities


Overworking might give a bump to quarterly margins, but it’s lousy for business. In fact, burned-out employees’ psychological and physical problems cost an estimated $190 billion a year in healthcare spending alone.

In this training, Janet will teach your team how to identify the early warning signs of burnout, while empowering them to rediscover the joy in the journey and get back to doing what they love.


  • How to define burnout and ways it differs from stress
  • The impact of burnout on individuals and organizations
  • Common misconceptions and mistakes when it comes to identifying and preventing burnout
  • Tactics for burnout recovery and creating lasting change


  • 90-minute virtual session
  • Content is fully customized to individual and business needs


For your team:

  • Boosted confidence and pride in work
  • Establish healthy boundaries
  • Improve engagement and focus
  • Better teamwork and collaboration

For your business:

  • Lower turnover
  • Positive workplace culture
  • Reduced healthcare costs
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Higher productivity

Best for:

  • New Managers
  • Junior Managers
  • Mid-Level Managers
  • Business Owners

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