Leadership Team Development

True Depth executive coaching helps you find a clearer sense of direction and compels you to take action.

Is your team functioning at their highest potential? True Depth focuses on helping organizations reach new heights of success by developing their leaders and helping executive teams become more efficient and productive.

To succeed in the long term, all businesses must retain their top leaders and develop a pipeline of talent to prepare for the future. Investing in your team with executive coaching is one of the best ways to develop and enhance existing talent.

Executive team coaching programs are built around team building, effective communication and leadership development. Some programs are completed in a half or full-day training format. Other programs are highly customized to individual needs and the organization’s goals.

Team Building

Team Effectiveness & Communication – The most essential element in an organization’s success is how well its people work together to achieve business results. We help leaders and teams look under the hood to identify what’s working well, as well as any underlying issues are getting in the way.

Our approach provides leaders with support in building and developing their work teams.  Engagements can include such activities as:

  • Working with existing teams to identify strengths, limits, and development strategies
  • Learning to value, understand, and leverage differences
  • Renewing team creativity and innovation
  • Designing team off-sites for productivity and strengthened relationships

We customize our approach to the specific needs of each situation.

Leadership Development – True Depth provides customized leadership coaching for successful managers as well as young prospective managers who have been identified as future leaders.

We work with you to develop the skills and capabilities necessary to function effectively in the current and future business environments.

  • Interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Time and stress management
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Increased understanding and application of personal strengths
  • Development of solution-focused thinking and self-management skills, re-discovering personal motivation, deepening self-awareness, dealing with stress and achieving work-life balance

Connect with Success

True Depth welcomes inquiries from organization leaders, managers and senior staff wishing to unlock their fullest potential.

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