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  Leaders are looking for ways to prepare themselves (and their teams) to make the next normal the best normal.

Helping Great Leaders Accomplish Even More

Like athletes invest in coaches, I worked with True Depth to better understand and help strengthen myself as a leader and mentor. I selected True Depth because of Janet’s wealth of experience from building teams and companies and because she is a leader that inspires trust and growth. I am continuously honing my skills and staying on top of the latest trends in business and technology. For me, working with a coach is a natural evolution to help grow as an individual, as part of a team, and a leader.”

Rapidly changing environments make it challenging to achieve long-term goals and manage effectively. 

Whether your leadership team is embarking on significant change, seeking to drive successful business outcomes, or needing to respond strategically to external factors, we offer the specialized leadership coaching experience fit for their needs.

Over several workshop sessions, a certified and credentialed coach will work with your team to uncover a clearer sense of direction that compels them to take action and accomplish even more as leaders. 

Accompanying our comprehensive leadership development program is the Leadership and Emerging Leaders Retreat, available as an add-on. This full-day training session builds off of our leadership workshops, providing a deeper dive into team dynamics, coaching, conflict management, and more. 


  • Identify core strengths and frame their leadership styles
  • Define their executive gravitas and communication methods
  • Develop delegation and employee engagement skills
  • Master the art of challenging and difficult conversations
  • Establish action plans that hold them accountable


  • Monthly, virtual, interactive leadership workshops, each 60 to 90-minutes in length.

Agenda example:

  • 15 minutes – group discussion on learnings from prior session
  • 30-35 minutes – ‘lecture/learning’ on topic of the day
  • 30 to 40 minutes – smaller group discussions and presentation
  • 10 minutes – wrap-up, homework assignments
  • All sessions (lecture portion) will be recorded and available for 12 months after the program’s completion.
  • Fully customizable content molded to team and business needs.


For your leadership team:

  • Faster decision-making and critical thinking
  • Stronger change management
  • Focused time management
  • Reduced stress and more freedom
  • Improved communication style and interpersonal skills

For your business:

  • Self-functioning organization to avoid gridlocks
  • Strengthen team bonds to solve complex challenges
  • Improved conflict management
  • Better team alignment and collaboration
  • Get critical initiatives back on track
  • Enable proactive responses to market changes

Best for:

  • New Managers
  • Junior Managers
  • Mid-Level Managers
  • Owners

Connect with Success

True Depth welcomes inquiries from organization leaders, managers and senior staff wishing to unlock their fullest potential.

Connect with Success

TrueDepth welcomes inquiries from organization leaders, managers and senior staff wishing to unlock their fullest potential.

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