One-on-One Executive Coaching

True Depth executive coaching helps you find a clearer sense of direction and compels you to take action.

Executive Coaching

Helping Great Leaders Accomplish Even More

Like athletes invest in coaches, I worked with True Depth to better understand and help strengthen myself as a leader and mentor. I selected True Depth because of Janet’s depth of experience from building teams and companies and because she is a leader that inspires trust and growth. I am continuously honing my skills and staying on top of the latest trends in business and technology. For me, working with a coach is a natural evolution to help grow as an individual, as part of a team, and a leader.”

The stakes are high for industries marked by rapid change. A constantly shifting environment can make it difficult to achieve long-term goals, but the good news is that the right executive coach can help you stay on track.  If you operate in technology, marketing services, or any other industry with a constantly shifting landscape, True Depth offers the specialized experience you need.

We’ll begin by identifying your core strengths, framing your leadership style and establishing an action plan that holds you accountable through completion. Programs are fully customized to individual and business needs.

Individual sessions can take place in the privacy of True Depth’s office, in your offices, on the telephone/Skype, or some combination of the three.

Executive coaching works well for executives who are:

  • Embarking upon or pursuing significant change
  • Seeking to drive successful business outcomes
  • Growing your leadership capabilities to new levels
  • Seeking core transformation in themselves or their company
  • Wanting to improve communication style and interpersonal skills
  • Wishing to manage stress, time, and energy effectively

The Results You Can Expect

True Depth empowers CEOs, business owners, technology executives, and other executive leaders to generate and experience observable success. Here are some results you can expect with executive coaching.

Self-functioning organizations. When you develop delegation and employee engagement skills, your organization requires less direct involvement, allowing you to focus on bigger goals.

Return to freedom. Our executives experience decreased stress and increased time for themselves and their families.

Faster decisions. Executive coaching creates team alignment. You’ll avoid wasting time on unnecessary team meetings and organizational gridlock.

Refocused priorities. With the right executive coach, you’ll be able to get critical initiatives back on track.

Proactive responses. With increased team collaboration, you’ll respond strategically to external change. Rather than merely reacting to industry shifts, new regulations, and economic challenges, you’ll take a positive, proactive stance.

Connect with Success

TrueDepth welcomes inquiries from organization leaders, managers and senior staff wishing to unlock their fullest potential.

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